Must-Have Monday: MyFitnessPal

Ok I don’t want to get overzealous here with two “Must-Have Mondays” in a row. Let’s be realistic and assume I’m probably not going to do this every singe week … and I’m sure you were all holding your breath waiting for me to post.¬†Well peasants, you are in luck. Speaking of peasant… When we… Read More

Showing Support: A little love for Sanford

    (Photo from While I rarely cover Sanford for my job (which has been a blessing with all this Zimmerman stuff going on), I have indeed become a fan by affiliation. If you look past all the racial debates and this crazy trial, you’ll find a town that really is charming, welcoming and… Read More

A new focus: changes to JS Ink

With a new name and a new design, it just seemed appropriate that perhaps it’s time for a new focus. JS Ink has been a personal journey for me. I started this version of my blog about four years ago with the intent to share my rants and raves and experiment a little with the… Read More