National Coffee Day- in TITUSVILLE

So today is a blessed day. A day in which deserves an abundance of celebration. National Coffee Day, my friends. The substance that allows us all to be caffeine addicts with a dose of cream and calories in the mix. There are a lot of freebies going on today, but I do have some bad… Read More

Welcome to my home! Happy Fall Ya’ll!

At a roasting 89 degrees in Titusville, today may actually be considered “cool.” There’s a breeze and, most notably, the heat index is nowhere near 100 like it has been all summer. But the coolest thing of all is that the calendar says it is officially FALL regardless of the temps and I don’t care,… Read More

Just for Fun: Make your own autumn wreath (it’s SO EASY)

Usually my trips to Hobby Lobby lead to where trips to Hobby Lobby generally go … overcommitment (monetarily) to a craft I probably won’t ever do. Last week, however, Mom and I stumbled across an idea on display that was just so easy and beautiful (and inexpensive!) that we just couldn’t pass it up. Near… Read More

Food for thought: Creamy pesto shrimp over rice

Food for Thought posts are part of a project I have taken on this year in an effort to teach myself how to cook. Not that my mom went wrong in my childhood or anything, (I’m not completely food-retarded) but I’m going through family recipes one by one and documenting my experiences as I try… Read More

Recent paintings! (And prices if you want one)

I love blogs where I get to show off my hours and hours of stupid, detail-oriented obsessiveness … Here are a few paintings I recently completed.   I will admit… this UCF/Florida outline painting and me went round and round. I just COULDN’T get it right. I started out on a 20 x 20 canvas… Read More