Pregnancy post No. 4: We picked a name!

So la dee dah, I totally forgot to post about our gender reveal — which, by the way, was awesome and so much fun. And I fully intend on sharing all the details about that and my inspiration, but I have news … big news..

And as a member of the media, you don’t sit on a story.. you break it.

We have finally decided on a name.

Let me preface this by saying Fojo and I chose what we would name our baby girl long before we were ever pregnant. Let me also preface this with that we are not naming our baby girl the name we thought we would… So all of you who think we’re naming her Savannah Jane, you’re wrong. We were inches away from it, and I still love the name and its meaning to us, but this little girl just isn’t a Savannah and the name never felt right. That’s not to say that if we have another little girl she won’t get that name, because we still love it!

So cut the chit chat, Jessica, and get on with it already.

We have chosen the name Cecilia Sunshine Forgino.

Cue the Simon and Garfunkle because this baby already has a personality and she’s destined to be a little heartbreaker (ok, hopefully not too bad of heartbreaker, but it goes with the pun of this song and you get my gist.) And  yes, when I told my dad the name, he instantly bursted out singing this:

So let’s talk why.

Two weeks ago I would have told you I’m not all that jazzed about the name Cecilia. Fojo was all about it, but I still had my heart set on Savannah or Paisley. Still, they just weren’t sitting right with me. Since I’ve felt her kicking my incessantly, I feel like I’ve connected with her, and she just isn’t a Savannah or Paisley… she’s definitely Cecilia.

Now here’s what sold me on Cecilia — the middle name that just came to me out of the blue today.

This entire pregnancy I have been drawn to the color yellow. I’ve wanted to do the room in yellow and I have been searching through hell and high water to find yellow girly baby stuff (which by the way is impossible and curse you baby industry for deciding all baby girls must don pink and purple). Yellow has never been my favorite color, but something about this little girl just made me want to have her room bright and cheery since day one.

As I was driving to Publix this afternoon the heat of the sun actually felt good (for the first time ever this summer). Let’s just say pregnancy and menopause hot flashes can’t be all that different… Nevertheless, I thought to myself, “What can I name this little girl to really signify what a ray of sunshine she will be to my life?”

Well, duh, how about Sunshine.

Yes, it’s different. Yes, it sounds a little hippie-esque, but my little Cecilia Sunshine is going to be the light of my life and I think it’s perfect.

A few other cool things about the name:

1. She’ll be born in the Sunshine State, making the name even more ridiculously relevant.
2. Cecilia is actually the name of a saint — Saint Cecilia, the patroness of music and praise.
3. I have never met a Cecilia in my entire life, but I have loved the name since I was little.
4. The name Cecilia can also mean “one who leads the blind.” Key word- leadership. Key phrase – Tradition of Leadership. End result – Kappa Kappa Gamma legacy. Jussayin.
5. Cecilia Sunshine has a lot of nicknames that we’ve already instated: CeCe, Sissy, CeCe Sunshine and Sunny. Fojo particularly likes Sunny (but if you mention the barbecue restaurant he might give you a death stare… and the Forgino death stare is terrifying and hilarious at the same time.)
6. There was a first grade teacher at my elementary school whose first name was Sunshine and I always thought that was awesome. Totally unrelated fact, but proof that I’m not off my rocker.
7. I hope having that having the middle name Sunshine will inspire her to always see the sunny side of life and remember that there’s always something bright in every gloomy situation.

Regardless, I’ve been so torn on this name — until today. We are so excited for our little Cecilia Sunshine and the name just clicked. I also think she likes it because she has not stopped moving since this afternoon! So here goes nothing!!!!


Cecilia Sunshine Forgino