Pregnancy post No. 6: How we did our gender reveal

Well, let’s just cut to the chase. We all know it’s a girl. I’ve put off writing this particular blog for a month now, so the cat has been out of the bag for awhile.

However, I did want to share how we did the big reveal, as I put a lot of heart and soul into it!

Let’s start with the invitation. I wanted to come up with something creative and I just couldn’t find anything to my liking that I could order… so being the perfectionist that I am… I designed my own invitations and wrote a poem.

Here’s the front: The colors are off a little and the text is a little blurry because I had to turn it into a jpeg, but you get the gist. I drew the muffin and pie, obvi because I love drawing food, and the rest I did in a publishing program.

Here’s the front:
Gender reveal front
And here’s the back:


Here’s what the text says since the image makes it so blurry and I’m too technologically dumb to fix it myself:

Come one, come all! We won’t raise a stink.
Wear a shirt in the color of the sex that you think!
Pink or blue, place your $3 bet at the door.
Winner gets money, the rest just leave poor.
Oh but there’s more…
(and then I list all the event details).

We all know I love planning events, and I’ve been doing it ever since Kappa Kappa Gamma let me be the social chair.  No, this is not quite a social with Theta Chi, but I planned it pretty much the same way with a spreadsheet, a budget and a prayer.

Here were my plans: 

Serve Italian dinner that I would make with Chef Dad
(Actually Chef Dad made it all mostly himself. We had baked ziti, Italian bread and salad. We served lemonade and sweet tea to drink.)

*Decorate the tables in a bean theme, hence baby bean, with bean centerpieces and candles on top of yellow table clothes. (REALLY wish I would have taken a photo of these, they came out really cute. I’ll maybe recreate one and share it later.)

*Take bets for the sex of the baby. Each bet was $3. Two of those dollars went toward the baby and $1 went toward the jackpot. To place a bet, you wrote your name down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar for either girl or boy. You could place as many bets as you wanted! (We even gave a bulk discount. For every $10 you spent, you got four bets). Of course, we employed my husband’s father to be our official “bookie.” At the end of the night when the gender was revealed, we drew a random name from the “girl” jar and the winner took home $86. Not too shabby for a baby party, right?

*Have a “name suggestion” jar… which ended up being hilarious because about two people took it seriously.. which was perfectly fine with us!

*Beg older sister to host party game after dinner. Wendy planned the poopy diaper game, where you melt a different candy bar in a host of diapers. Participants then have to guess which candy bar is in each diaper. It was quite hilarious. (THANK YOU WENDY!!!)



*Thank mother-in-profusely for the GIANT CAKE she had made for us. She had it made by a friend of hers who commissions cakes in Merritt Island. I kid you not, this cake was massive. I tried to show its thickness in the second photo there.



*Have a GRAND FINALE firework display. We were sick of seeing everyone slice a cake, dip their hands in paint or bust open a pinata (although, to each their own! No hatin’ here!)  We wanted something different and fun… so we thought… fire seems like a reasonable choice, no? We got a great deal on the pink fireworks because it was out of season for the fireworks store. I think we paid a total of $20 for everything and they were quite large and we got like six. Shout out to Sky King in Cocoa for the great deal.

Here’s a video my friend Katie Dees took of the reveal. Thank you Katie for capturing the moment!!!

In the end, we had a GREAT time, raised a little bit of money for the baby and got to celebrate with some of our closest friends and family… oh, and no one left hungry –  just the way I like it.

The only advice I have to give to other moms planning a reveal is this: Make it FUN, make it uniquely you and DON’T SPEND A LOT OF MONEY. The dinner party idea seemed great, but it did cost a bit for 30 people. That, or don’t invite 30 people like we did!!! Remember, with a little creativity, Dollar Tree stuff can go a long way and look great. We bought all of our table clothes and candles there, our centerpieces were made from a package of bean soup from Wal-Mart and some crystal bowls my mom had on hand and we got our plates/utensils/cups on clearance at Target (that was just luck).

Oh… and never think you are above making posters like you did in high school for decoration.