Cecilia Sunshine’s *very bright* nursery

When I first found I was having a girl I, ironically enough, had no vision when it came to decorating her room… A boy? Oh, let me tell ya how many ideas I had for a boy. He would have planes EVERYWHERE. A girl? No clue..

After months of toying with a million ideas, I finally fell in love with paper flowers and decided that if I’m going to name my kid Cecilia Sunshine she better have a bright and blossomy room.

So… Here’s the finished product… just in time for her arrival (which could be any time now… and it would be GREAT if she hurried up and joined us… I sent her an eviction notice days ago).


Learned how to make paper flowers.. and then made them… a lot of them. A LOT of them…



Our cozy corner for reading, feeding etc.


Upcycled an old frame to include her shower and gender reveal invitations, the only photo I have of her (lol) and of course her favorite people — her parents!




Could not find a lamp that matched ANYWHERE, so I bought a pretty generic white one at Walmart and painted it. Also, thanks to Aunty Kristen for the fun letters! They came off the beautiful diaper cake she made for my shower.



I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching for bedding with hopes of finding just a plain yellow set. After realizing that such a thing *DOES NOT EXIST*, I said screw it and went for bright colors. FYI, if you want anything with the color yellow, expect to also get the color gray. For some reason every manufacturer pairs gray and yellow together… and there is only one color on the spectrum I hate — gray. Also, note the fancy schmancy Vera diaper bag. A special thank you to my friend and sorority sister Katie for helping us get it for a great price!



Well… I think she’s stocked on hairbands and bows… Thank you Emily for the *awesome* homemade holder thingy that you can barely see because I jammed it so full of stuff. It’s actually quite beautiful behind all that!



Just another angle…



Diaper changing station! I love how the light comes in this room! And, of course, a sunshine sign I “glitter bombed” and make uber girly above the window.



Clothes, clothes and more clothes. We had to stuff the dresser in the closet to make way for the other furniture in this tiny room!



I seriously love the lighting in here.





Anddddddd…. Someone thinks this is HER room… she is clearly mistaken.