New paintings… Oh, and a new baby

Ahhh December.

While my students were cramming for final exams at UCF, I was doing a little cramming myself. Trying to cram every last little chore into the last month of my pregnancy before I welcomed my little piece of sleep deprivation.

From cleaning my house to getting the nursery prepared and oh, trying to enjoy the Christmas season while I’m at it, December was a wild month.

But, of course, being the kind of person who consistently overbooks herself, I took on a few painting projects as well.

Here’s what I finished in December:



Baltimore Ravens


Because girlifying football should happen more often.


A little something for a very special little boy up in Ohio


The background is actually a splatter… which honestly looks way cooler in person because you can see the detail. That, and it totally reminds me of the early 90s, which brings me back.

Annnndddd… Another one of these… which really have become a crowd pleaser!


Updates on that whole having a baby thing to come… It was certainly interesting.