About Jessica

Ahhh, so I see you have discovered my “about” page. You must be thrilled…We all know how EPIC biographies can get.

Well, let’s see. It all began in 1941 when I was first drafted in the Air Force to fight the Japs overseas with just my rifle and a new testament pocket bible… no wait.. It  REALLY all started when I was marching with Marty (that’s was what I called him at the time) right before he was about to give that whole “I Have a Dream” thing he kept babbling on about. No hold up.. it began all with that “ET” movie. See, it was originally MY idea. Wait, no… I was with Susan B. Anthony burning aprons… no, no, no, no.. this is all WRONG.

The name is Jessica Saggio… hence the web address you used to get here. Some call me an artist. Some call me a journalist. I think of myself more as a glorified doodler who likes to write. Truth be told, when people ask me what I do I tell them I’m, “Wingin it.”  Why? Because who could possibly make sense of  a journalist turned artist? I know I can’t… so I’m….wingin it.

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2009 with my degree in Journalism and a minor in Business. Currently, my degree is making a great showpiece on my wall. Can I get some ooohs and ahhs, please? …please? I need some kind of gratification because its presentation is about the only good it offers in this lackluster economy. Fortunately for me, I was plunged into the “real world” just in time for the worst economic downturn in recent history. Don’t get me wrong, when I said “fortunately” I wasn’t kidding. Being forced into this crap situation, I discovered that woahh… I’m kinda sorta an artist and people actually want to buy my stuff?!? Say whaaaa? But hold the phones… I’m still a journalist yo. hrrrmmm. How do I connect the two? NO IDEA…. so… I’m wingin it.

All you need to know about Jessica Saggio  is that I like to laugh. I also like it when other people laugh. Laughter= Happiness and if you can’t find something funny about this world, you just aren’t looking hard enough. Oh, you should also know that I love Raisinets, Jambalaya, mind-numbing reality television, the color orange, the smell of freezers at the grocery store and pretty much anything with a fleur de lis on it. I’m a retired sorority girl with dreams the size of mountains. Big mountains. With ski slopes. And a wholly mammoth on top… next to a Chik-Fil-A that’s open 24 hours.

About my art–

Well it all began with boring classes. Yes, boring classes and a Vera Bradley agenda book. In a nutshell, when I got bored in class I would start doodling the designs that were on my Vera Bradley agenda book. Fortunately for me, they have a different design for each month so this contributed to dozens of doodles of dozens of patterns and prints that took up plenty of class time. As time progressed,  I needed some wall decor, and on a post-college budget you get reallllllly creative. So, I started doing my own thang painting these doodles into shapes. Turns out, I really liked it. In fact, I liked it a lot. Actually, it made me really happy. With that being said, I kept doing it and people started buying it and here I am–a working artist. Who knew. I do my best to emit my happiness into my art. Currently, I do commissions so when people have an idea in their head they tell me what they’re looking for and I create it. Additionally, I create my own prints and patterns and put those designs up for sale. My style is bright and happy and the end goal is to create something that lights up a room. Check out my gallery to see some of my work! The goal is to drift away from my Vera Bradley copy cat days and into a world of 100 percent originality. So far, so good!

About My Blog–

Life is about moments that make us giggle. Whether it be that dude wearing spandex in Wal-Mart or a really goofy YouTube video, life is about laughter and laughter is a one-way road leading straight to happiness. I blog about things that I think are funny, or useful, or just what I feel like talking about that day. In this ridiculous world, in this ridiculous country, in this ridiculous city, behind this ridiculous computer I find one common denominator: the undying need to find humor and perspective in everything I see. Join me. It’s fun.