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Miraculous things that happen when you become a mom

You know that part in Cinderella where the fairy god mother comes and waves her wand and just like that Cinderella is dressed to the nines and her ride is on fa-leek and the birds are singing and the dogs turn into horses and everyone is all like “Oh man, Cinderella is bae” yadda yadda… Read More

The 10 weirdest things about breastfeeding

I can distinctly remember when I committed myself to breastfeeding. I was in between contractions in the triage at the hospital, hoping – praying – for pain meds when a nurse approached me and asked, “Will you be breastfeeding?” Clearly, it was not the question I was really interested in. I was more interested in… Read More

New paintings… Oh, and a new baby

Ahhh December. While my students were cramming for final exams at UCF, I was doing a little cramming myself. Trying to cram every last little chore into the last month of my pregnancy before I welcomed my little piece of sleep deprivation. From cleaning my house to getting the nursery prepared and oh, trying to… Read More

Cecilia Sunshine’s *very bright* nursery

When I first found I was having a girl I, ironically enough, had no vision when it came to decorating her room… A boy? Oh, let me tell ya how many ideas I had for a boy. He would have planes EVERYWHERE. A girl? No clue.. After months of toying with a million ideas, I… Read More

Pregnancy Post No. 8: My trimester breakdown

Pregnancy is hard. We all know this. We know this when we decide we want a baby. Do we realize how hard it actually is? No. But perhaps the hardest part of pregnancy for me (so far) has been the three epic transitions I have been through as my body has attempted to adjust to… Read More

Pregnancy Post No. 7: The scariest night of my life

It all started at Walmart, or at least that’s where the pain set in. I had just dropped Fojo off after my nephew’s soccer game and I had plans to buzz into the store for a few long-sleeved shirts. We’re going on vacation to the mountains this week and surely none of last season’s winter… Read More

Pregnancy post No.5: Underwear. The struggle. It is real.

Everybody’s got something to say about pregnancy right? “Oh, this will be such a beautiful time in your life.” “Oh, all that matters is that the baby is healthy.” “Oh, you’re absolutely glowing!” Haven’t heard that last one yet, but I’m still holding out for compliments. So far, I mostly look tired, confused and bloated…… Read More