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Pregnancy post No. 4: We picked a name!

So la dee dah, I totally forgot to post about our gender reveal — which, by the way, was awesome and so much fun. And I fully intend on sharing all the details about that and my inspiration, but I have news … big news.. And as a member of the media, you don’t sit… Read More

Pregnancy post No. 3: Irrational behavior

The one thing every pregnancy book endlessly warns you about is mood swings. We know they exist, we know they’re coming … but WHY DO YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO LOAD THE DISHWASHER WRONG? LIKE ALL THE TIME. WHY. Irrational behavior — it has become a part of my existence. Sure, us pregnant folk know we… Read More

Pregnancy post No.2: There’s a boot up my nose

Life is hard, right? Well no it isn’t. Let me tell you about hard. My hair is a mess. I’m wearing mismatched pajamas … And I think there is a boot stuck in my nose. My head aches. My tummy has indigestion. My eyes are droopy and my nose… my nose has gone AWOL because… Read More

This product will literally change your life. No, really.

Every girl in the universe knows that we are at our absolute weakest when we are immobilized by the paint on our nails setting to dry. And if you mess them up in the process, HOLYCRAPDONTEVENTALKTOME. For YEARS, I have tried quick-dry polishes and top-of-the-line brands hoping just ONE of them would really live up… Read More

Our dog hates us … because this…

Because… burrito headdress Because … forced mummy walk   Because… busted Because … TEEF Because… this outfitz …and this one, too.   Because … spaghetti head But… somehow she forgives us… and takes over my entire side of the bed.

Putting heart into today, and everyday

After my last jaw-dropping disappoint I decided I’d had enough. I was tired of being disappointed. I was tired of waiting for the future. I was tired of feeling in adequate. So it seems, the millennial generation has had to fight for a lot of what it has earned. Sure, some of us have gotten… Read More