Rates based on size (inches):

36 x 36—– $95 (square)
22 x 28—–$70
24 x 24—–$60 (square)
18 x 20—–$55
20 x 20—-$50 (square)
16 x 20—–$45
8 x 10——$20

For bigger or small sizes, please contact me for a quote.

Also, if you are not in the Central Florida area please factor in that there will be a shipping charge as well. But no worries, I will ship your painting wherever it needs to go!

To place an order please visit my contact page and shoot me an email! You’re also more than welcome to contact me via Facebook.

I now accept all major credit cards through PayPal!

**note** a majority of the paintings shown in my art gallery are either 16 x 20’s or 20 x 20’s.